Project to tackle synthetic greenhouse gases wraps up

Project to tackle synthetic greenhouse gases wraps up

The importance of properly managing synthetic refrigerant gases is well understood but not widely known.

The Synthetic Refrigerant Stewardship Project, aimed at tackling one of the most potent causes of climate change, has wrapped up with its working group and managers now eagerly awaiting Government regulation.

The project began in July 2019 with a working group created to represent the interests of the key industries which would be affected by the creation of a regulated product stewardship scheme. These included refrigeration and air conditioning, motor vehicle industry (automotive air conditioning), refrigerant wholesalers, manufacturers and distributors and other significant industry stakeholders.

3R Group managed the project, which analysed the current situation under a voluntary stewardship scheme, looked at options for regulated product stewardship, and developed guiding principles for preferred industry stewardship solutions and a product stewardship scheme training overview.

The Working Group has now submitted its final report to the Ministry for the Environment, which in August last year announced plans to declare synthetic greenhouse gases a priority product under the Waste Minimisation Act 2008.

The Working Group is now awaiting the announcement by Government which will set the wheels in motion for the creation of a regulated product stewardship scheme for synthetic greenhouse gas refrigerants.

These gases are among the most potent in the world as greenhouse gases – thousands of times more so than carbon dioxide. This combined with their widespread use makes them a high priority target for tackling climate change worldwide.

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